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Carrots ‘N’ Cake Nutrition Client Transformations


Have you been spinning your wheels with your nutrition and wondering if anything will ever work for you? You aren’t alone! We have loved working with so many amazing clients who wondered the samething. They’d tried it all, felt frustrated, stuck, and not sure what to do next. That’s where 1:1 coaching comes in and where these client transformations began.

If you are curious if the coaching process is worth it? Don’t just take our words for it! We’ve highlighted a variety of clients who have had their own transformational health journey through our coaching program. Every client comes in with different challenges and goals, so our focus is to give them a personalized experience with the tools to maintain their progress for life!

Check out a few of our client stories below. If their journeys resonate with you, please reach out to discover if our 1:1 coaching programs are for you.


When Renee began coaching, she was only eating 1,200-1,400 calories. She had just stopped taking the Pill, so her hormones were out of balance, so she couldn’t lose weight and struggled with thyroid issues She worked closely with her coach for over a year! They made a plan to spend 3 months reversing, followed by 6-7 months in maintenance, and finally 2 months cutting.

Renee lost 3 pounds on the scale, but more importantly, she drastically changed her body composition, which shows that the scale is just one measure of progress. In the end, Renee was able to eat in a healthy caloric range (more than 2,000 calories per day), improve her thyroid, lift heavier, build muscle, and have a plan she felt confident about moving forward.

All I did was follow your plan, so if you feel like somebody else could benefit from the pictures, I’m all for that.

And it’s funny because I was just looking through all of my numbers, and I’m so grateful that I followed the plan and took the pictures because, you know, going into it, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the number on the scale, and I know we hear until we’re blue in the face, that the scale is just one measure, but we’re just so programmed to be thinking that the scale is what’s showing your progress. 

But listen to this, so I was just going through my numbers when I was working with you in November when we started, my starting weight was 146.6. The end of my cut 143.3. Are you kidding?

So if you were to just look at the numbers, you would think, okay, there was a three-pound loss in a year. But by looking at the photos, you really get to see the actual change that’s happening and how three pounds can look so different. Obviously, muscle was built and this and that, but anyway… I’m so grateful that I followed through and took the pictures to have those to reference.

And the other thing… the old me, long time ago, Weight Watchers trying to lose weight and never succeeding at the end of a diet, I would always kind of feel deflated and defeated because I was never getting to where I wanted to be, but then also kind of feeling in limbo… like, okay, well now what? But I don’t feel like that at all right now. I’m super excited to do this reverse. I am so excited to start adding more carbs and fat, but I also feel great about knowing that progress can still happen in that reverse.

Thinking back when I was working with you in the beginning, when we were reversing, I was stronger. I was fueled better, my recovery was so much better at the gym. I was lifting heavier, so I’m excited to see that progress. Also, when I was in maintenance, I feel like I was able to see a little bit more definition here and there. So I guess my whole point is even though my cut is finished, I’m so excited to see where things go. 

But again, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do, because the stuff that you’re putting out there, the content that you’re putting out there is so useful to people. I remember I was eating 1200 calories, 1200 to 1400 calories was my jam, and I thought I was doing everything right, but my hormones were jacked up, and I was on the Pill. And since working together, I’ve been having great periods and all my numbers are down.

Thank you for being in this space and offering your knowledge to help other people because, man, it’s been life-changing. Seriously, the money that I spent, the investment that I made on myself with you was priceless, so thank you so much. I am grateful for you. Alright, talk to you later.”


Laura initially reached out to do macros after working from home during the pandemic and taking care of her toddler. She felt lost and wanted some guidance with her diet. Sound familiar? Instead, we focused on mindset and creating a better relationship with food and exercise, making better decisions around her nutrition, and navigating how to fit in meal prep with a full-time job and toddler.

Before coaching, Laura was having hormonal symptoms, not building muscle, and needing caffeine to get through the day. After starting coaching, she felt better fairly quickly and has stayed on as a long-time client to continue working toward her goals. 


“Hi, my name is Laura. I started working with Tina back in September of 2020. I initially reached out to her just to solely focus on counting macros and putting together a plan to help me lose some weight after working from home for several months and during the pandemic and taking care of a 11-month-old. I just felt like I was a little bit lost in looking for some guidance with my diet in order to feel better and lose a little bit of the weight I had gained. 

I quickly realized I was not ready for a cut, thanks to Tina. She actually helped me realize that it was okay to not be ready and to focus on mindset and finding a better balance with food and working out.I was in the middle of moving, so that was super stressful. And she’s actually the one who came to me and said, ‘Hey, maybe it’s not the right time for you to do a cut. If you wanna take a pause in your membership and reconvene after you’ve moved and settled in?’ And if it wasn’t for her to make that suggestion, which many coaches probably wouldn’t, it just made me realize I found the right person, who understood what was going on in my life, and I didn’t wanna force me into doing anything I wasn’t ready for, so we took a little bit of a break.

We reconvened after the holidays in January, and I still really wasn’t ready to go into that cut phase, so Tina and I really focused solely on the mindset component, making better decisions, strategies about putting together some meal plans while working from home and also balancing, taking care of a toddler, which also really helped me.

I’ve struggled most of my life as an ‘all or nothing’ type of personality, and we really focused on shifting my mindset to finding a bit of a gray zone. Fast forward to March, I really was not feeling well. I had no energy, I wasn’t sleeping well. Even if I was making changes in my diet, I was not losing any weight, and I was not building any muscle

Tina and I spoke a lot about hormones and she had just introduced the Dutch Test to her clients, so I thought, ‘This is probably a good idea for me.’ We did the test together, and it was very eye-opening. My hormones were all over the place, so we spend the next six months working through a protocol on how to eliminate some of my high estrogen symptoms and build up some of my progesterone by adding some supplements, cutting back on exercise, and adding specific foods to help with the detox of the estrogen. I felt so much better fairly quickly, which was awesome. It was wonderful that I was introduced to the Dutch Test through Tina.

We are actually gearing up for my next Dutch Test to see what my hormone levels are looking like, and I just signed up for another six month session with Tina, and I’m looking forward to it!”


Noelle initially joined because she had spent time working on her health, but stalled with her progress and wanted some answers related to hormones and some extra accountability. During her coaching experience, she changed her focus and definition of success from being not just about the scale and weight loss, but more about a holistic approach and feeling healthy and confident in mind, body, and spirit. She lost 18 pounds, became consistent with an exercise program, and set some healthy work/life boundaries.  


“Hi, my name is Noelle, and I am a Carrots ‘N’ Cake coaching client. I work with Emma, and I wanted to share a little bit about why I joined and what I’ve gained from this experience. 

So I initially joined because I had spent a lot of time working on my health the year prior, and I just reached a place where I knew I needed a little bit more intentionality. I needed more answers, so I started out with the hormone testing. It was really eye-opening for me. I also joined because I knew I needed accountability… plain and simple, full disclosure.

What I’ve taken from this experience is looking at my health in a more whole-person, holistic way. I’m looking at it as not just, ‘Are you eating a certain number of calories? Are you losing weight? Are you working out?’ It’s more, ‘Are you getting enough sleep? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting all of the nutrients? And are you lifting weights that are heavy for you?’ So it’s definitely become less about losing weight and less appearance-driven to more checking in with my body and asking, ‘how am I doing?’ I think that’s been a real game-changer for me. I’m definitely feeling better, I’m feeling stronger, I’m just much better. I’m in a much better place mentally and physically, and I’m really grateful for coaching, so I recommend it.”


When Heather signed up for coaching, she felt like she had tried everything! She had done restrictive diets, had her thyroid tested, was exercising 5 days per week, eating clean, yet still feeling stuck. She was frustrated and thought she just had to accept her new weight. After signing up for hormone testing and 1:1 coaching, she realized she wasn’t eating enough. Once she started increasing how much she ate, she felt better in the gym and got stronger. Heather found that slow and steady progress leads to more sustainable results! There is no quick fix, but with patience and effort, the results will come. 

“There were several things that I was struggling with when I first came into coaching. I had experienced several years of not being able to lose weight. I tried so many protocols and diets, everything from Nutrition Response Testing and the FODMAP Diet to seeing an endocrinologist and having my thyroid tested. I was eating extremely clean, and I was exercising five days a week, but I just wasn’t able to lose weight. I felt so frustrated. I felt like I just had to accept my new weight. 

I started working with Tina and the team. I first started with hormonal testing, which was such a unique aspect of coaching compared to other programs I’ve done. It helped me rule out any  hormonal issues. I also really appreciated that Allison (CNC coach) took the time to understand my true goals and looked at my food logs before she even gave me a macro recommendation. This helped me realize that I wasn’t eating enough food, which was likely contributing to a lot of my issues. I also really appreciated the one-on-one individualized support that I received and the fact that my food diary was reviewed every single week to help me make tweaks, and I received other recommendations and strategies to continue my progress. 

The moment that I realized coaching was working actually happened within a few short weeks. Allison had helped me slowly increase my calories, and I started seeing other things change. My strength in the gym came roaring back and my recovery was improving dramatically. These were the early signs that it was working… and then I began to see my measurements change week over week. The scale started to go down. It was a slow process, but it made me realize that slow progress leads to more sustainable results.

When I look at how my life is now, I really found a sustainable balance in how I eat and how I feel in my workouts. I’m extremely conscious of how much protein I eat every day. I’ve also learned the importance of consistency and patience that I need to have in order to see and sustain these long-term results. I realize that there is no quick fix, but if I exert that patience and put in the effort, the results will come. 

I feel so much more confident, and I’m truly focused on the bigger picture – understanding that I need to look at things holistically and how my clothes fit are really important. It’s also important for me to focus on metrics, like sleep, recovery, and performance. Tina and Allison have been so critical in my journey so far, and I’m so grateful to them for supporting the progress I’ve made so far in my life.”


When Sarah began working with us, she had struggled with losing weight and eating well when life got busy. She was trying to balance work, kids, and crazy schedules, which didn’t leave a lot of time to prioritize her health. She had never done macros and didn’t have any idea how much to eat or what was appropriate for her goals.

After coaching, Sarah has a much better handle on what to eat and what’s good for her body. She doesn’t dread her periods or experience terrible PMS and her energy levels have increased. Sarah started to feel better almost immediately. She lost inches and 10 pounds on the scale. 

“Hi there. My name is Sarah Jackson. I was a client of Carrots ‘N’ Cake and Tina. I worked with Alison Jackson as a coach to help me with my nutrition. 

When I came into coaching, it was January of 2021. I was struggling with trying to lose weight and get a handle on eating well and eating balanced when life gets crazy and there’s no time for prepping when you’re trying to juggle work, family, kiddos, and all of the schedules that go along with that. I really needed some stability with my nutrition. I needed some help with getting an idea of what I needed to be eating and how much was appropriate for my goals. I never tracked, and I had never done macros, so I came into coaching just feeling really deflated about nutrition and what I really needed. 

Basically, in a month, I had already seen a difference in my energy. Two to three months into things, I had seen a huge change! I was really focused on meal prepping and eating what felt right for my body. I was losing weight little by little, and I was losing inches pretty significantly, which was such a huge help and motivating for my confidence in general.

The meal planning, the macro tracking, and guidance from the coaches, really changed everything. I have such a better handle on what I need to eat, what I know is good for my body and mindset about all things in moderation. When I’m starting to feel a little off, I know how to navigate that on my own. 

I spent many months in the program, and it really was an overall life-changer. My periods are not something I dread anymore because the nutrition side of things really helped with my symptoms. Also, my energy levels have really gone up, which is huge! I went down almost 10 pounds, which was the last 10 pounds I was hoping to lose after having kids. So it was a huge, huge, huge help bringing Tina and Allison into my life to get back on track to where I wanted to be.

Thank you, ladies, for everything you’ve done and continue to do. It was such a big change in my life, and I really appreciate it, thanks!” 


Rachel joined 1:1 coaching as someone who had always been active, yet she struggled with her weight. She found that things in her 20’s no longer worked in her 30’s. She would track macros, see progress, but then go back to how she was eating again. Rachel’s clothes didn’t fit, and she was convinced she was stuck at that weight forever.

With coaching, she lost and maintained a 35-pound weight loss. Her body composition was totally different! She looked more toned and her clothes fit better. Rachel loved that her coach didn’t just give you a food list or tell what to eat or not eat. She learned how to fit in all of her favorite foods, including ice cream and beer, and still get results! 

“I think Tina was a perfect coach for me because I think she truly lives by the name of her blog, Carrots ‘N’ Cake. She eats healthy and she enjoys eating healthy food, but she also enjoys treats and indulging and dessert… and that’s the type of person I am.

“I knew that when I was starting this whole process that I wasn’t gonna cut alcohol or sweets or chocolate because those are all things that I knew, as soon as I was done with the challenge, that I was going to go back and eat, so Tina taught me invaluable skills on planning for these things in my day. If I knew I was gonna go out for pizza and ice cream at night, I’d save my carbs for later in the day and eat protein and go heavy on vegetables earlier in the day to be able to have room for fun foods in my macros.

I have really developed a wonderful relationship with Tina and look at her like one of my close friends and continue to check in with her overtime and with my progress. Her recipes are amazing!

I would highly recommend her one-on-one coaching to anybody who’s looking to make a change and invest in themselves. Looking back at it now, the cost of a macro plan may be high in comparison to other online macro calculators, but it’s the lessons over time that are completely invaluable to me to learn, not to mention her recipes are amazing and easy to make. I’m not a meal prepper and her recipes have just been super fabulous, and we continue making them on a regular basis. My husband even enjoys them too.

Tina checks in with you every week and adjusts your macros as needed… if your energy level is low or performance and the gym is lacking. I think that’s all super important… when you are looking for a macro coach that they’re going to invest that time in you, and I truly felt like she cared about my progress.

Overall, I’m super happy with working with Tina and would highly recommend her and her program if you are looking to make a change and invest in themselves. She will give you all the resources and tools that you need to succeed!” 


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