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Crypto exchange’s Twitter gets hacked by ‘disgruntled employee’


The Twitter account of the Russian crypto exchange Latoken seems to have been breached by a hacher that started posting allegations that the exchange is a scam. According to the posts, the exchange is promoting “scam IEOs” and misleading their customers. 

The profile picture of the account was also changed into a scam warning image while the Twitter bio was edited to “LATOKEN is the leading SCAM platform!” According to the hacker, the exchange treats employees unfairly and also fires employees for no reason.

The hacker also accused the exchange of deliberately trying to “scam money out of projects” and promising 100% to 500% growth without delivering. The hacker also called Valentin Preobrazhensky, the founder of Latoken, a “liar” and a “face seller.”

Apart from LATOKEN, the official Twitter of LADEX, the company’s DEX project was also compromised. The hacker posted a video of an online meeting showing the Latoken CEO screaming curses at someone in the call.

The hacker also highlighted Trust Pilot’s review on Latoken which is only two out of five stars. However, a warning message in Trust Pilot says that the site detected misuse on Latoken’s page, stating that they have detected a number of fake reviews.

In response to the incident, Latoken’s official Telegram account published an update telling its users about the hack. The exchange said it believes the accusations to be the act of a “disgruntled employee” and that their team is in touch with Twitter support to fix the problem.

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Several crypto YouTuber accounts faced a series of hacks recently. Hackers posted videos that instructed viewers to send money to the hacker’s wallet using the accounts of famous personalities like Bitboy Crypto, Box Mining, Ivan on Tech, and even boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather. Luckily, many of the account owners were able to detect and remove the videos within minutes.

Back in 2020, a similar hack compromised the Twitter accounts of prominent individuals. The official accounts of Elon Musk, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and others were hacked by a Bitcoin thief who published posts claiming to double any crypto amount sent to a certai wallet address.