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Intro to Bio-Identical Hormones with Dr. Greg Brannon of Optimal Bio


Welcome back to another episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake podcast. I am so excited to share today’s episode which is all about my favorite topic, hormones! I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Greg Brannon, who shared a wealth of knowledge that I know you’ll love.

Dr. Greg Brannon founded Optimal Bio in 2012 and now acts as the medical director for Optimal Bio in North Carolina and works as an OB/GYN. During his 30-year career as an OB/GYN in the Raleigh area, Dr. Brannon became interested in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy methods around 2006. Upon seeing the success that many of his friends had experienced with BHRT, he performed his own research, concluded that it was viable and effective, and started the therapy on himself.

He was inspired by the improvements he saw in himself, and thus Optimal Bio was born. Since officially launching in 2012, the team at Optimal Bio has treated thousands of patients, both men and women, ages 18 to 86 and the results have been astounding. Dr. Brannon personally attends to patients in each of his four locations to provide the best possible care. He has been featured on many podcasts and is the author of The Hormone Handbook and loves to share the ways hormonal balance can improve people’s lives and wellbeing.

We cover an array of topics, including:

– How exercise can help with hormone levels.
– Which foods can affect hormone levels.
– What in our everyday lives and environment affects hormone levels.
– How age affects our hormone levels, are they safe, side effects

You can find even more in Dr. Brannon’s Book, Back to the Basics: Life Revitalization Through Bio-identical Hormones.

Other resources we reference in this interview include:


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