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Join Dr. Davis’ Infinite Health Boot Camp January 5th to the 14th


Undoctored is now Dr. Davis Infinite Health (www.DrDavisInfiniteHealth that goes live in early January) as its name suggests, puts personal control over health back in your hands. We continue many of the strategies of the Wheat Belly lifestyle but expand them with lessons learned through this worldwide experience, while adding new dimensions and practices. While we make the transition to Dr. Davis Infinite Health and away from Undoctored, the concepts and practices remain the same.

The Dr. Davis’ Wild, Naked, and Unwashed program causes you to revert back to the way humans were supposed to be eating and living all along to mimic the behavior and health of primitive people who have virtually no modern diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity (still lived to old age if they did not succumb to injury or infection).  Learn:

  • How to obtain reliable health information by learning to distinguish good health information from unreliable
  • How to collaborate on answering important health questions
  • New health tools (apps, devices) into tracking health measures to obtain even greater levels of health.
  • Dr. Davis’ Protocols that address health conditions that do not fully respond to the Wild, Naked, Unwashed program, such as osteoporosis/osteopenia, coronary disease, migraine headaches, and calcium oxalate kidney stones.

I won’t kid you: the program that Dr. Davis lays out in Undoctored is a more serious read. It may anger you, it may shock you. But you will never look at healthcare the same. And, if you follow its ideas, you may just rediscover what it feels like to be fabulously healthy in ways your doctor simply won’t comprehend.

Dr. Davis’ Infinite Health Bootcamp is designed to help you navigate the core program strategies.  There will be some effort involved, new lessons to learn, and old ideas to unlearn. But the program is worth every bit of effort, as you can be rewarded by magnificent health and slenderness.

How to get ready: Pre-Bootcamp:

Task #1: If you are not already a member, join Dr. Davis’s Infinite Health Inner Circle:

Task #2: Join the Official Undoctored Facebook Page (note: the page is for Undoctored Inner Circle Members only)

Task #3: Watch Dr. Davis’ program overview here:

Task #4: Get familiar with the resources available in the link above and in the book, including the Undoctored Recipes and Meal Planner that allows you to create your own menus from the recipes.

Task 5: Prepare for the Undoctored Boot Camp:

Head to the Private Facebook Group for tips, strategies, recipes, videos and discussions to help you prepare.  Be sure to check out the guides section for discussions and the files section of the page has some really helpful tools.

Our goal: to help you succeed in restoring your health and achieving your health goals.

The Undoctored book is available through AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks a Million, and all major booksellers.




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